V-Pro Travel 12" Ring Light,Tripod, Travel Pouch and BT Remote Bundle

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Having the right lighting can significantly impact the quality of a picture or video. Utilising a ring light is a simple, convenient way to get more professional-looking results. The V-Pro Travel 12" Ring Light provides convenient portable lighting perfect for taking selfies or portraits, applying your make-up, video calls, or content creation wherever you are. This ring light provides the optimal lighting in any room, with a floor-standing tripod that can be used in your office, in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. The
V-Pro Travel comes with a Bluetooth remote, allowing you to control and time your images or videos wirelessly, as well as a travel bag for effortless portability.

Create content like a pro
This ring light is perfect for creating content on the go, whether its make-up application, online tutorials,
portraits & selfies, indoor or outdoor professional photography/videography, vlogging, content creation
and even video conference calls.

Enhance the look and feel
Change the look and feel of your pictures or videos thanks to 162 LEDs, 3 lighting modes, adjustable brightness levels, plus colour temperature adjustment.
• Lighting modes (white, warm white, cool white)
• 10 x brightness levels,
• colour temperature adjustment 3000K to 6000K

Easy to use
A built-in 360° rotatable smartphone mount positions your camera in the centre of the light, and the
handy floor standing tripod stand allows you to adjust the position and height of the light to suit any

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