IPS Monitor 1080P HD-DVR Recording,Backup Camera Complete Kit for Car

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  • ►Upgraded Backup System Loaded with Advanced Features - Complete backing camera with clear monitor and all the essential accessories for easy DIY plug & play installation. Powered by car charger or included hardwire. This eliminates picture delays and drop outs that plague wireless designs. You get a steady, sharp, clear, detailed view to make driving safer and more convenient. Supports 2 cameras, split image, operating voltage 9-36v.
  • ►High Resolution IPS Monitor - Delivers sharp, detailed 1920x1080 pixels with much better resolution than last year's designs. Kit includes new upgraded high-definition camera for super realistic images filled with exquisite detail and natural color. Much more satisfying than the blurry, dim, flat looking images on older cameras.
  • ►Convenient DVR Recording - Built-in recording system automatically overwrites old footage to keep recordings refreshed. In the event of an accident or impact, the system automatically protects that video segment for your use later. This can be saved on the included 32G memory card. Essential protection for showing police or using in court cases. No need to install an extra dash camera to record accidents.
  • ►Upgraded HD Camera - Included camera captures highly detailed, realistic 1080p. Night vision for use around the clock in all weather and lighting conditions. Uses unique potting process for commercial grade waterproofing. Durable and long lasting for years of safer, more secure driving. Helps protect your automotive investment by preventing parking lot fender benders and minor accidents that often cause scrapes and dents.

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