Camping Wood Burning Stove

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Features: Durable stainless steel plates cross one another to create a stable construction. Bottom vents for good ventilation and burning efficiency. Grill plate serves as a platform for cooking pot or barbecue. Collapsible bellow ( 4.7 - 21.2 ) keeps your face away from the fire when adding oxygen. Make full use of the unlimited fuel collected from your hike, such as twigs, branches, paper, and leaves. Easy to assemble and take down, great for camping, hiking, backpacking, BBQ, etc.
Material: Stainless steel
Assembly Dimension: 9.8 * 16 * 10.2 cm / 3.8 * 6.3 * 4.0 in
Grill Size: 21.4 * 11.8 cm / 8.4 * 4.6 in
Bellow Length: 12 - 54cm / 4.7 - 21.2 in
Total Weight: Approx. 248g / 8.7 oz
Package List: 1 * Outdoor Stove 1 * Grill Plate 1 * Bellow

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