Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

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   Everything You Need To Know About Blood Flow Restriction Training


In today’s day in age, many of us are finding ourselves busier than ever. Finding time to fit in all of our daily tasks on top of free time activities such as exercising can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Luckily, there are ways to effectively maximize your workouts without sacrificing their effectiveness. Introducing: Blood Flow Resistance Training.

 Blood Flow Resistance Training, also known as Occlussion is a way of decreasing blood flow to targeted muscle groups while performing light resistance activities in order to increase muscle growth in a shorter period of time.

How Blood Flow Restriction Training Works ? 

Blood Flow Resistance (BFR) Training works by using a type of Pneumatic cuff  to restrict blood flow during a low intensity exercise to produce results similar to those experienced when completing a high intensity workout.

The goal when performing BFR is to reduce the time it takes to build muscle. So how does BFR accomplish that goal? Yes! The Reduced Blood Flow caused by the cuff increased the lactate concentration in your blood. This allows you to perform a lower intensity workout while forcing your muscles to work harder and essentially signalling to your body that you are performing a much more intense workout. Your body then releases the natural growth hormones responsible for muscle growth, this process is called hypertrophy.

How to Practice Blood Flow Restriction Training

BFR is best practiced in conjunction with low resistance exercises.

  • Place the cuff around the arm or leg, depending on the specific muscle being targeted.
  • Begin performing high repetitions of a lower intensity workout (i.e. using a lighter weight than you normally would).
  • Use weight that is about 25%-35% of your single rep max. Perform three sets of 20-30 reps for each exercise.
  • When taking a rest between sets, keep the cuff on for maximum benefit.
  • Do not cut off blood flow completely. If your arm or leg begins to turn a pale color, your cuff has been placed too tightly.

Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training

  • Increased muscle size and strength by up to 300%
  • Preventions of muscular atrophy
  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Reduced risk for cardiovascular diseas


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