Fixed Gear and Single-Speed bikes are rideable art, therefore, character on 2-wheels.
In conclusion, all you need is a frame, some wheels, some cranks and a tensioned chain.

RAWbin Concept

Since everyone is supposed to learn from their previous experience, this is what our latest design is, a build which takes something from all our previous ideas. The people we interracted with were happy about the custom, one-off idea, but most asked us about a ready to buy bike, altough we didn’t really wanted this, we built one.  The idea behind it was an “off-the-shelve” bike.

Raven Concept

This, such as Bumblebee, was a personal project and was inspired by the limited edition Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. It’s supposed to deliver both urban riding pleasure and on-track performance. It was built on the most aggressive frame in our lineup and it’s showcasing best in class components, I think it’s fair to say it’s the most technical project we’ve worked on. And the most sinister.

marshmallow Concept

Meeting Mihai and Miruna ( The Iron Man family ) was inspiring, both of them having an eye for design, the ideas for this project were flowing like a mountain stream. While Mihai was telling us his expectations about the frame geometry and other technical aspects, Miruna was already painting the color combination in her mind. Everything was clear as day, Mihai was after a classic look, sprinkled with modern details.

Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale Concept

When Marius told us that he wants a fixed gear in this color, we couldn’t take it too serious, you can tell by the name ( that’s where it’s coming from ). When we applied the special paint, fitting the rest of the components was poetry. Configuration of his frame is close to The Smurf, except the seat stays are positioned lower, which makes it look even more dramatic and dynamic. Combine that with the colors and you get a distinctive emotion – being different has it’s perks, right?

The Smurf
Smurf Concept

Mihai being an active guy, needed a fast fixed gear both static and in motion. The Smurf didn’t had an identity at first, because we moved through a lot of renderings for color combos, and various components, but blue/white was the winner. With the choice of a triangular top tube and an oval down tube, color theme was set as a highly detailed blue with glossy white rims, the result is highly representative for it’s owner.

Scissors Concept

The owner of this build is like a one-man-band. He is involved in lots of other activities, so it’s clear that he needed something to describe his personality. What’s with the name? Well, Paul owns a, very dear to us, hair salon, you can see where this is going. We helped him choose a round, classic tubing for the frame, a special gray paint as main color and we had to repaint the wheels to match the styling. Scissors is the most jovial build so far.


Stay on the saddle and enjoy the ride. We would like to hear great stories from you but if you by any chance you will have a bad ride, we will also like to hear about it and try to fix the problem so you can enjoy the ride.