VLD 21 #008

Heavily inspired by the most powerful chakra, Sahasrara is the perfect blend between road and gravel.

RAWbin, our mono-chrome design is a build that takes the best cues from all our previous builds. Comes with a relative relaxed posture, a natural, brushed frame and a raw carbon fork, all sitting on a black finished wheelset.

The Raven was built in order to satisfy the highest needs in terms of performance. Starting with an aggressive frame design and geometry, which uses triangle shaped tubing for top tube and oversized triangle down tube. We applied a special metallic paint for the frame and the carbon fork, covered by a matte clear coat, which emphasises the overall design. The frame sits on deep 60mm carbon rims with visible 3K matte weave, laced to custom, one-off MACK track hubs. We used flat black painted components, to achieve the stealthy look.

The perfect classic/modern combination – this is what Marshmallow is. The tubing used is similar to what we used for Scissor, except we integrated the seat clamp. The superb paint is called LatteMenta and finish is complemented by a matte clear coat. The wheels are 42mm deep with no braking surface and they were repainted to a matte ivory white color, combined with silver finished hubs and spokes. We also used silver coating to finish other components, which put an emphasis on the overall classic and minimalistic look.

If the Army would ride fixed gear bikes, this would be their weapon of choice. When you see it in person, it’s all serious and gloomy, but the special Ginger paint hides more than meets the eye, as the shade of green changes with the light source and with the custom lowered seat stays, they are a perfect match. Marius, a performant road cyclist, chose this color in a heartbeat and we encouraged him to use all black components, the result renders a military vibe, that, until you notice the color spot in the whole theme, the special Scatto by Cinelli saddle.

Mihai had a clear vision, knew what he wanted from the start. Even before choosing the geometry and tubing of the frame, we knew the bike has to be blue. He wanted everything he didn’t had on the road bike, a pursuit geometry, aggressive tubing, with an oversized oval down tube, complemented by a triangular top tube, a glossy carbon fork, with visible 3K weave. The mesmerizing metallic blue color, combined with white deep v wheels is a fantastic appearance static and in motion.